Prof. Dr. Heinz Goddar
Prof. Dr. Heinz GoddarEuropean and German Patent and Trademark Attorney,

Heinz Goddar with his office at Munich has a technical background as well as a PHD degree in physics, with a focus on polymer physics.

He teaches Patent and Licensing Law as an honorary Professor at the University of Bremen, Germany, as a lecturer at the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center (MIPLC) , Munich, Germany as a visiting Professor at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA, U.S.A., and the Tsinghua University School of Law, Beijing, China, and as a Consultant Professor at Huazhong University, Wuhan, China. Furthermore he lectures IP Law at the Tsinghua University School of Law, Beijing, and is an Adjunct Professor in an Honorable Consultant in International Legal Services at the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan.

He is Director of the Global Institute of lntellectual Property (GIIP), Delhi, India. He is a Past President of LES International and of LES Germany, and has received the Gold Medal of LES International. Professor Goddar has been inducted into the IAM IP Hall of fame. Furthermore, he is an ad-personam member of the EPO's Standing Advisory Committee (SACEPO).

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